Tehran (IP) - Following the hostile policies of the E3 (Germany, Britain, and France), yesterday once again Iran's Foreign Minister in a letter to European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell, warned about their non-compliance on the JCPOA.

Iran Press/Iran News: According to the Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi, presenting a surprising and harsh draft resolution by EU3, as well as the continued non-compliance with international obligations under the JCPOA and also the decisions of the Joint Commission, were marked In the letter of Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

In the letter, Zarif said the Europeans are non-compliance with their commitments under Article 36 of the JCPOA and it should be investigated by the Joint Commission.

"The letter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasizes that any interference in the cooperation between Iran and the IAEA is contrary to the provisions of the JCPOA, and could have negative effects on the basis of this cooperation," Abbas Mousavi added.

The spokesman said: "Iran will take appropriate action against any irresponsible behavior and strongly urges the three European countries to maintain and fully implement the JCPOA by adhering to their commitments, instead of supporting the United States' maximum pressure."


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