US biological program, threat to world

Scientists warned that the US military plan to spread viruses using insects could create a new class of biological weapons, as a big threat to the world. 101/216

Iran's mark 40th Anniversary of US defeat in Tabas

Tabas(IP) - Iran marked the 40th anniversary of a failed US military operation on Tabas that was launched on April 25, 1980, in an attempt to airlift the US embassy staff held in the Iranian capital, Tehran. 104/216

Report: Voluntary groups produce over 60,000 N95 masks daily in Tehran

Tehran (IP) - These days that holding religious ceremonies is not possible in mosques, these places by gathering many volunteers have turned into venues for different activities, including Javad Al-Aeme mosque in District 17 of Tehran that has turned into a mask production workplace by IRGC's s cooperation. This mosque has started its activity since April 14 and produces over 60,000 N95 masks per day in 3 shifts in which 40 men and more than 100 women are active. 207/214