The continental caseload crossed the 400,000 mark as of July 1 according to John Hopkins University tallies. The death toll also surpassed 10,000.

Iran PressAfrica: There are over 201,800 active cases against 193,000 recoveries across Africa. South Africa remains the most impacted with over 150,000 cases from over 1.6 million tests.

According to Reuters, the top five countries are South Africa (151,209), Egypt (68,311), Nigeria (25,), Ghana (17,741) and Algeria (13,907). These statistics are valid as of July 1, 2020.

Africa’s figures continue to be very low compared to other continents. Europe and America alone accounted for over 50% of cases when the WHO recently confirmed that global figures had gone past 10,000,000.

Over in South America, Brazil remains one of the worst impacted along with Iran in the Middle East. Russia and India also have very high caseloads.


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