Tehran (IP) - Advisor to Iranian President Hesamodin Ashna described the JCPOA as a victim of two-sided extravagance and stated that what Bolton wrote in his book on the functioning and value of this agreement for Iran, once again shows the greatness of the efforts of Iran's political officials.

Iran PressIran News: Advisor to President Rouhani Hesamodin Ashna wrote in a Twitter message on Monday, "JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) fell victim to two-sided extravagance; The Arabic-speaking and Hebrew-speaking worrisome people that told the Americans why you gave so much and took so little, and the Persian-speaking concerned ones told the Iranians why you took so little and gave so much. Both sides seemed to want much more, but in practice, they both got much less."

He further added, "What Bolton wrote in his book on the functioning and value of JCPOA for Iran, once again demonstrates the greatness of efforts of Iran's political officials. Bolton believes that JCPOA would make Iran stronger without being able to control or reduce Iran's military or security capabilities."

In another tweet, Ashna cited excerpts from a speech by the former US National Security Adviser John Bolton in his book "The Room Where it happened", and quoted him as saying,  that although the deal was supposed to address the threats posed by Iran's nuclear weapons program, it did nothing but, in fact, provide a fake solution that diverted attention from the risks and lifted economic sanctions which had put significant pressure on Iran's economy - and at the same time allowed Tehran to act largely without hindrance.


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