Tehran (IP) - Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote a letter to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday, May 8, on the second anniversary of the US withdrawal from the JCPOA, regarding unilateral US sanctions against Iran and the consequences of gross, and repeated violations of the UN Charter.

Iran Presscommentary: In a similar letter to Guterres on March 12, the Iranian foreign minister stressed the need to lift unilateral US sanctions against Iran to counter the Coronavirus.

JCPOA is neither the first nor the last achievement of multilateralism from which Trump withdrew.

There is almost no agreement that Trump did not withdraw from. Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, the Pacific Trade Agreement, the North American Free Trade Agreement, UNESCO, the Human Rights Council, and the withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action are unilateral decisions taken by the US government.

According to analysts, these norm-breaking actions by the United States have no purpose other than to extort and impose coercion on the international community.

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Mani Mehrabi, a senior analyst on international affairs and a faculty member at the School of International Relations of Iran, said of Trump's move: "It has built its relationships within the framework of scoring points from other countries. Since the 1940s, Washington's foreign policy has been based on the principle of power, and the White House has built its relationship within the framework of concessions from other countries."

Trump is now seeking to extend his arms embargo on Iran on the second anniversary of his departure from the JCPOA, which expires in October, in accordance with the provisions of the JCPOA.

The Islamic Republic of Iran will definitely react to any US' move that is against its security and the region and will stand up to US pressure.

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Reacting to US efforts to extend the arms embargo against Iran, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed: "If the arms embargo on Iran returns, we will implement the same response I wrote in the last paragraph to heads of 1+4 states, which will have bad consequences for them. Iran will not accept the violation of Resolution 2231 whatsoever. Whether we buy weapons or sell weapons, it is for peace, and is not pouring fuel on the fire."

With the scandal of the Corona that has taken place in the United States due to the lack of proper response from the government, Trump now finds himself in need of a new scenario of Iran's defeat or surrender, while the only way for the United States to return to the right and logical path is to respect multilateralism.

Now, even the American people and society, according to opinion polls, do not support Donald Trump's move to leave the JCPOA.

Multilateralism has become more of a necessity in the international community than ever before and has emerged as a reality on the international stage. 207

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