Tehran (IP)- On July 3, 1988, an Iranian passenger plane was shut down by a US missile and all 290 passengers were killed.

Iran Press/Iran News: This crime occurred when the USS Vincennes fired a missile at an Iranian passenger plane flying from Bandar Abbas (southern Iran) to Dubai. The flight number was 'Flight 655'.

The disaster killed 66 children under the age of 12, 52 women and 46 Yugoslav, Kuwaiti, Afghan, Indian, Pakistani, Italian, and the UAE nationals.

After this unforgivable crime, the American authorities tried to justify this hostile act as a mistake. However, due to the fact that the Vincennes was equipped with the most advanced radar and computer systems, as well as the specificity of the type of aircraft, it became clear that there was no possibility of mistake, and this action was completely deliberate and hostile.

In 1990, the captain of the Vincennes William Rogers received the Legion of Merits from then US president George W. Bush for so-called "very good behavior and outstanding service".

The downing of an Iranian airliner by American criminals was, in fact, another step in global arrogance confronting with the Islamic Republic of Iran and helping Saddam Hussein's aggressive regime to fight Iran.

The crime, along with other crimes committed by the US government, was added to the US list of terrorist and criminal acts as a disgrace.

With the US missile attack on the Iranian passenger plane and then with the lies and secrecy of the US officials, international rights were being taken as a plaything.


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