A shooting on Saturday at a Walmart distribution center in Red Bluff, California in the US, left two people dead, a hospital official said.

Iran PressAmerica: An employee at the center in Red Bluff, California, said he had heard 50 to 60 shots as he and other employees fled the building. 

Four other people were in fair condition, according to the official, Allison Hendrickson, a spokeswoman for St. Elizabeth Community Hospital in Red Bluff, which is about 130 miles north of Sacramento. She did not provide further details, New York Times reported.

A Walmart employee, Franklin Lister, 51, said he and a group of other employees had just clocked into their afternoon shifts when an employee ran down the hallway shouting: “Active gunfire! Active shooter!”

Mr. Lister said he had seen blood dripping from his colleague’s arm.

“That’s when I realized it wasn’t a drill,” he said.

The United States is facing a wave of violence, hostage-taking, and armed attacks.

Thousands of people are killed or injured in shootings across the United States each year. According to official reports, there are about 270 to 300 million firearms in the United States; This means that almost every person has a weapon in this country.

Despite the demands of pro-civil rights groups in the United States, none of the US governments has been able to enact laws restricting arms sales due to the lobbying power of the rifle, gun associations.

US President Donald Trump, however, is a staunch supporter of American rifle association.

Addressing gun owners in the United States at the beginning of his presidency, Trump said that eight years have passed since the violation of the rights of American gunmen and that they now have a real patron in the White House.


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