Tehran (IP) - France's ambassador to Tehran paid a visit to the National Library of Iran (NLI) on Wednesday and held talks with the head of the NLI Ashraf Broujerdi to discuss several issues.

Iran Press/Iran news: Philippe Thiebaud emphasized the importance of cultural interaction between Iran and France in the document area.

Pointing that he visited the library twice, France's ambassador said: "Iran has rich sources. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, our cooperation transformed into medical form and we helped Iran through WHO to defeat the virus." 

France's ambassador went on to say that France is ready to host Iranian experts in France and is ready to exchange ideas and cooperate with Iran.

The head of the NLI Ashraf Broujerdi explained the activities of the national library, saying: "Apart from trying to provide researchers with rich sources, we believe that knowing about religions and ethnicities leads to a better understanding of human’s culture."

Broujerdi added that the library aims to provide a digital format of the sources as well.

"We tend to exchange our thoughts between the two countries and taking care of these sources for the next generations as our responsibility," she noted.

The deputy of research and planning in the national library, Fariborz Khosravi stated that 35,000 French books are available in the National Library of Iran and the oldest one dates back to 1802. 

"Iran is ready to hold common exhibition with France," he added.

At the end of the meeting, the head of the National Library of France was invited to Iran to sign an agreement between the two countries.


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