Tehran (IP) - Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said the tenth parliament has acted with firmness and accuracy in the face of the very strange events of recent years, in which each of them could sometimes create a crisis in the region.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian Parliament Speaker wished the acceptance of the obedience and worship of the Parliament members during the holy month of Ramadan, saying: “We have reached the last public session of the 10th parliament.”

Ali Larijani added: “Four years ago, on such days, the tenth parliament was formed. In those days, many Parliament members were not familiar with each other's thoughts. Meanwhile, over the past four years, we have discussed various economic, political, social, and security issues together.”

Iranian Parliament Speaker pointed to the important laws passed in the 10th Parliament, including the law on permanent judgments of the development plan; the law on the sixth five-year economic, cultural, and social development plan; the law on the protection, restoration, and management of the country's wetlands; and etc.

Iran’s Parliament Speaker said that the 13th Conference of the Union of Councils of Member States of Islamic Cooperation Organizations was held in 2018 by the Parliament in Tehran; terrorism and US involvement in creating security turmoil in Islamic countries and attacking the holy city of Quds was the subject of the conference.

Larijani described the adoption of the law of reciprocity measures against the designation of the Islamic Revolution Guard Crops as a terrorist organization as a manifestation of the will of the nation.

The official said that the secretariat for the protection of the rights of the Palestinian people, which operates under the supervision of the parliament, has held regular meetings to pursue the rights of the oppressed Palestinian people.


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