Isfahan (IP) - Gavkhouni Wetland in Varzaneh is one of the tourist-attracting areas of Isfahan province in central Iran.

Iran Press/ Iran news: This year, following the intermittent rains in the spring season, the Gavkhouni Wetland was filled with more water, doubling the beauty of this tourist region.

Zayandehrud River overflows into the Gavkhuni International Wetland and, in addition to creating a beautiful atmosphere, hosts some aquatic animals, migrant birds, some plant species, as well as a source of income for the residents of Isfahan's Varzaneh region.

Gavkhouni Wetland, with an area of 476 square kilometers, is located 167 kilometers southeast of Isfahan, next to the city of Varzaneh and adjacent to the sandhills of this region.

Gavkhouni wetland with unique habitat features had been registered in the list of wetlands of the international Ramsar Convention on June 23, 1975. 


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