Spring snow which blanketed some provinces on Monday has surprised people across the country.

Except for a heavy snowfall in late January in some 17 provinces, over the past water year (September 23, 2017 to March 20, 2018) dry autumn turn into an even drier winter and many cities experienced lower-than-normal precipitation amounts compared to the long-term average.

Except for northern and northwestern provinces of Ardebil, West Azarbaijan, Golestan and East Azarbaijan which received above-normal annual rainfall other provinces suffered low precipitation over the past six months.

And now snow and rain are coming down in some 13 provinces and significant temperature drop caught Iranians off guard. According to Iranian meteorological organization the current weather conditions will persist throughout Tuesday and Wednesday.

Western, southwestern, northern, central, eastern and northwestern provinces of Iran are either blanketed with snow or poured with rain on Monday. The report states that rain and snow will mostly fall in eastern and central Iran on Wednesday. 

The Climatological Research Institute of Iran has announced in late March that much of the country should expect higher than average temperatures as well as less precipitation this spring. The announcement also predicted that rainfall patterns won’t change over the current Iranian calendar year ending on March 20, 2019.